By: Lee

Well, what a year!


From raising our first investment 12 months ago, we’ve come a hell of a long way. We’ve built and launched SWOOPE & SWOOPOS from the ground up. We’ve partnered with global hardware player Star Micronics, we delivered over 4500 drinks in 3 hours at the ALMR Christmas event, we have been nominated for and won tech and entrepreneur awards respectively, processed our first £1m worth of transactions and have now started our series A investment round for £3,000,000 with Coutts.


I think I’ve definitely grown as much as my business has over the last 12 months. It’s been a really incredible journey with not much time to take a breath, but I’m living proof that if you have a vision, ambition and the drive to make it happen - 12 months is more than enough. The exciting (and definitely also scary) thing is that the next 12 are going to be even more intense than the last - with some big opportunities coming our way. But none of this phases me because I have a brilliant team around me as well as the continued support of the E-spark program, Natwest & RBS.


This past year we've created something truly different that will help thousands of businesses to understand and communicate with their customers on a whole new level. So now it’s time to take it up a gear. It’s time to revolutionize payment culture, to modernize customer service and to harness innovative technologies in new and exciting ways.


Here's to a more connected 2017.


Kind regards,


Lee Nazari

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