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SWOOPE is the only app that connects your smartphone directly to the till.

So you can pre-order your morning coffee and lunch from your office. Only arrive once the staff message you its ready. Never queue again. All whilst earning loyalty points on every penny you spend.

Download SWOOPE now

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Order ahead

This is great for people on the go who want to order ahead and save time waiting in line. You will be notified when your order is ready for collection so you don’t have to queue. All SWOOPE venues have a priority collection point.

Order table service

SWOOPE venues can offer table service through the app. Simply add your table number at checkout so the staff know where to bring your order. You will be notified when orders are accepted and on their way to you.

Home delivery

If a venue offers home delivery then you can simply select this option at checkout. You can change your shipping address in your profile or at the point of checkout.

You’ll receive an order confirmation email, an email receipt and status updates when your order is ready for collection or when your delivery is on its way. All orders are verified by scanning a QR code on your phone, so no need for paper receipts.

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We support most major payment providers so once you link your Visa, Mastercard, Amex cards, Apple Pay or PayPal accounts to SWOOPE, its then a simple one tap checkout every time. Making the transaction as smooth and easy as possible.

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Favourite Venues

SWOOPE’s Favourite Venues function is a fantastic new way to be alerted when your favourite places announce new offers and deals. Simply tap the heart on a venue listing to add it to your Favourite Venue list and we’ll be sure you are kept up-to-date. The app also knows when you’re walking past a venue that has a great deal on and can immediately alert you, so you never miss out again.

Loyalty Rewards

Time to throw away those dog-eared stamp cards - everything you purchase on SWOOPE will be rewarded with loyalty points that you can redeem for vouchers from a range of local and national retailers. You are also rewarded for every check-in, review, social share, friend invited and deal used.

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Exclusive Special Offers

We are working with some amazing local venues who offer exclusive deals just for SWOOPE customers. There is often a limited number available, so check in regularly to be sure you don’t miss out.

Instantly Communicate with a Venue

SWOOPE users have access to an instant message service with every venue – which will alert staff members immediately via the till. Booking tables or making an enquiry has never been so easy.

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Safe and Secure

Security is a huge focus for us at SWOOPE. We have partnered with some of the world's biggest payment providers who make sure all transactions and details are locked away safe. In fact SWOOPE doesn’t touch any of this data – it is entirely handled by our financial partners. All other information is stored on our level 1 PCI compliant Amazon servers, so you can rest assured we take these things very seriously.

Download now on the App Store or Google Play

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