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Hi I’m Lee Nazari, founder and CEO of SWOOPE & SWOOPOS.

Born just outside Birmingham in the UK, I have lived and breathed the retail and hospitality industry since the age of 12.

My father moved to the UK from Iran in the late 70s, without speaking a word of English. He worked his way up from pot-wash to business owner and at the age of 12 I started helping in his restaurants at the weekends.

From running multiple leisure venues I made the jump into the financial sector and spent several years at Morgan & Stanley. Following this, I moved into daily deals and worked alongside global brands like Groupon, Living Social and Wowcher. Most recently I worked as a consultant for a mobile wallet technology firm.

This breadth of experience has given me unique insight into business, sales, customer service, ecommerce, mobile payment, deals, loyalty, big data, beacon marketing… the list goes on. All of these things have huge potential but they are complex, disparate and inaccessible.

So I, along with my fantastic and ever growing team, have built an easy-to-use, all in one system. SWOOPOS and SWOOPE enable customers and businesses to communicate in a more meaningful way – empowering business owners and revolutionising the customer experience.


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Lee Nazari

The one with no off switch
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Harry Tawana

Financial Director/Investor
The one with A++++ Maths GCSE
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Neil Pymer

Creative Director
Mesut Ozil’s better looking twin
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Amy Williams

Brand & Marketing Manager
The lanky one
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Michael Wharton

Sales Executive
The young gun
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Umer Mushtaq

Graphic Designer
The design ninja
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Vinshi Gupta

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Vikalp Saxena

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Neetu Rana

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Suruchi Dhiman

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Anand Kumar