Celebrating the Great British Sandwich (Week)

By: Lee

Did you know it is British Sandwich Week? From 14th to 20th May 2017, the UK is celebrating all things bread and filling, and we think they deserve a shout out. We’ve decided to take a closer look at our love for the humble sandwich and what it means for our lunchtimes.

Ahhh sandwiches… the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, the lunchtime sandwich is a British institution. Many have challenged for the crown of most common lunchtime food – sushi, salads, soup – but few have even come close to the humble sandwich. If you think about it, even the common burger is basically a sandwich!


As far as are concerned, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montague, had it right. Ordering cold beef between slices of toast to avoid getting up from his card games, he created the ultimate on-the-go convenience food.


Since the first pre-packaged sandwich hit the selves in 1985, it has been a staple in our working diet ever since. It’s the easy, convenient and a great value lunch choice for the British workforce.


And we love them. In fact, us Brits manage to consume over 11.5 billion sandwiches every year, and well over 3,500,000,000 of these are purchased from UK retail or catering outlets. That is a cost of over £7,850,000,000! (Source: British Sandwich Week)


So it is time to celebrate the amazing sandwich – for a whole week. British Sandwich Week is a national event running until 20th May and to celebrate we are encouraged to get out and pick one up.


Whatever your favourite filling, from egg mayonnaise to ham and everything in between, nothing beats a good sarnie! We are bombarded with choice when it comes to what goes between the white or brown bread, wrap, baguette or bap, and we can grab one at the supermarket, café, or pub. They are, quite literally, everywhere.


We only have to take a few steps outside of our office and we can find a sandwich, and our favourite hometown of Birmingham offers some of the best butties for our local workers.


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