SWOOPOS & SWOOPE: Bar Magazine Technology Feature

By: Lee

In the recent edition of Bar Magazine, the technology impacting bars and restaurants was put in the spotlight – including Swoopos and it’s Swoope App.



It’s no surprise to hear that venues are looking for new tech solutions after growing frustrated with the old systems. It’s also no surprise that Swoopos and Swoope App were featured!


“Our merchants are seeing a clear uplift in off peak sales,” Swoope’s magaging director Lee Nazari says. “This helps increase revenues and extend the time they are taking money, while being able to understand each customer’s individual buying habits. The ability to rate each item, like on Ebay and Amazon, brings in an unprecedented level of knowledge from their clients, which means their weekly meetings to address the menu, pricing and and social media campaigns have become drastically more impactful.”


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