By: Lee

We all like to think we are loyal. A loyal friend. Always there when we are needed. We can always be relied upon… except when it comes to spending money. Then we look for the best deal, the latest offering, and the bargain of the moment, with no thought to who we are walking away from.


Where has the loyalty gone?


It has taken a while, but we have finally realised that brand loyalty doesn’t always pay – and not just when it comes to our baked beans! There is now more choice than ever before, and it is turning us into a very unreliable generation.


But is that really our fault?



Fast moving technology has been turning our heads for a while now. We are offered the latest deals through the power of our smartphones, and we can find what is best for us with ease.


Are we really this fickle? Well, sort of!


If we are really honest, we do have our favourite cafes and restaurants. We all have those spots we return to again and again. One of the main reasons that these venues keep drawing us back again and again is convenience.


If someone is making our lives that little bit easier and saving us that special commodity of time, then it is surprising how loyal we will become.


Luckily, we have technology to help.


Our trusty smartphones have been blamed for wasting our time, but they also hold the answer for giving us some precious time back. We often turn to apps to make our lives that little bit easier – in fact, research shows two out of three of us will use an app frequently if it simplifies our lives. 


And that is what preordering apps like Swoope do. They make life simple again. Preorder, know when it is ready, pick it up. No more wasting time, or as we say, “Swoope in, Swoope out”.


That’s enough to keep us loyal!


So whilst convenience can make us loyal customers, value for money helps us remain loyal. Regardless of how easy it is to pick up our orders, we still can’t turn away from from a good deal.


Sending special offers through the Swoope app has allowed venues to offer the best options to their most loyal of customers. Trusting you have the best deals will make it easier to come back again and again.


We have stayed loyal, so now what?


It is common knowledge that return customers spend up to 67 percent more on purchases than a new customer, but what do we get in return? Everyone deserves a little thank you.


Users of the Swoope App are rewarded for their loyalty to the venues with points which translate into high street vouchers. The more you use the app, and visit those venues you love, the more you get to spend.


We might have the reputation for changing our minds as often as we change our socks, but there seems to be more benefits for staying loyal – for everyone.


Have your loyalty rewarded with Swoope. Download the app now!

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