By: Lee

Mobile ordering is not the future. It is the present. However, there still seems to be members of the UK population that needs convincing – crazy!



When the Swoope App arrived on the Birmingham food and drink scene, we were impressed with how quickly the app was downloaded. Thousands of locals ‘swooped’ onto the app within the first few weeks.


However, if you are one of the few who are still not sure how mobile ordering can enhance your everyday life, we have pulled together our top five reason why you should be using mobile ordering (and more importantly, the Swoope App!)


  1. Save TIME

Waiting, waiting, waiting. We are very good at standing in queues. In fact, us Brits spend around 18 hours a year waiting in line… (source: https://www.visaeurope.com/newsroom/news/queuing) and nearly half (44%) of us think that queuing is worse than washing up! Since it is yet to become an Olympic sport, there is actually no reason for us to stand there.


Time is precious. No one ever says “I wish I had spent more time waiting for my coffee today”. Well that is unless they really wanted to avoid work!


In steps mobile ordering.


Preordering your food and drink via your smartphone and paying via the app could not be simpler. Then wait for the alert from the venue and ‘swoope in’ to pick it up, and ‘swoope out’ again. Walking past the queues and, ultimately, saving that value asset of time.


Over half (53%) of our population dislikes queuing purely because of the amount of time it takes up, and when that time is your lunch hour, it is even worse! Here at Swoope, we encourage you to #ReclaimYourLunch.


Our lunch hour is special. It is our break from work and no worker wants to waste any of it. There are better things to do.


Preorder your lunch before you leave the office and you can go for a walk, go to the gym, catch up with friends, browse the shops, catch up with phone calls… all of which sounds better than standing around in a long line.


Could there be a better reason for mobile ordering than saving time? Well here is another four…


  1. Get the best deals – for you!

Mobile ordering captures some very special data. All your favourite tipples and nibbles are recorded which means one thing – you will receive the best deals for you.


A little bit of personalisation goes a long way when it comes to the offers and savings that are sent straight to our smartphones. In fact, customers often list personalised deals as one of their top three ‘must haves’.


Why would you want a deal for a free slice of cake with your coffee if you never eat it? However, if the venue offers you a half price sandwich when you order one everyday, you would jump at it right?


Or what about exclusive deals at your favourite venues? That has been a big attraction for Swoope App customers so far. Deals from their favourite spots pop right to the top of the list so they never miss out.


You may never have to pay full price for a chocolate brownie again.


  1. Discover something new

Sometimes we get a little too comfortable in live. We get on the same bus, walk the same way to work, visit the same spots for lunch, order the same sandwich. We can be little creatures of habit, but inside us all burns an adventurer.


Now we are not saying you have to turn into Bear Grylls. Turning to your mobile ordering app can help you discover a new venue to try or a new dish to tickle your tastebuds.


If you are heading to a new area, one click on the mobile ordering app could open your eyes to some great new spots. Scroll through the menus, peruse the special offers, and preorder what you want, and away you go.


Thanks to beacon technology, just by strolling past, you can receive location based updates on new venues that you may not have realised were there. Wandering off the beaten track has never sounded so good.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like showing off to their friends about knowing all the best places to go!


  1. Get better rewards

You only have to read our previous blog on customer loyalty to know that it can be easy to turn our heads when it comes to getting the best deals. Traditional loyalty programs are failing. We want to see immediate rewards otherwise we just lose interest.


Mobile ordering is offering a new way of saying thank you, and as customers, you will love it. How many times have you lost those little cards, or lost track of how many times you have had it punched? Are a lot of dog-eared cards filling your wallet, promising you a free hot drink in way too many visits for you to care?


Through mobile ordering you can actually get the rewards you want. Similar to getting the best deals on the things you like, the mobile reward systems opens the door to even more of what you want.


Take Swoope for example. We offer the opportunity to turn your loyalty points into vouchers you can use online and on the high street. This means preordering and drinking that daily coffee could get you that t-shirt you always wanted, or those concert tickets – all before payday.


Is there a better benefit than that?


  1. Everyone is doing it

So your parents may have trotted out the old saying “if they all jumped off the cliff, would you?” in a bid to make you chose your own path in life, but there comes a time where you have to do what everyone else is doing.


This can be especially true when it comes to technology. No one wants to be left behind.


If everyone is shouting about the virtues of mobile ordering then it has to be good. The more people using it, the better it will be become and you don’t want to miss out.


All these people downloading and using the Swoope App everyday can’t be wrong, so make sure you follow in their footsteps today.


Five whole reasons to jump on board with mobile ordering. You have to be convinced now!


If you’re ready to get started with Swoope, download the app now.

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